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Here at A Couple Cooks, we love the idea of a coffee break with a purpose! Community, gatherings, and mission are at the heart of why we do what we do on our food blog. So gatherings that support a purpose-based organization to achieve their mission: that’s our sweet spot!

Today we’re here to help break down how to host a coffee break party as a fundraiser for Damar. The idea is grounded in the British tradition of “coffee mornings” – a social gathering where people talk over coffee and cakes, usually to raise money for a charity. In the American tradition, you can think of a coffee morning as a coffee break…with a purpose.

Ready to get started?



Our best pot of coffee ever uses a Chemex coffee maker. If you don’t have a Chemex, you can of course brew coffee in your automated coffee maker of choice.

TIP: Keep coffee warm when hosting for a large gathering, make a few pots of coffee and pour them into thermoses to keep them hot until the guests arrive

RECIPE: How to use a Chemex to make coffee


Instead of messing with hot coffee, go with iced coffee or cold brew! Cold coffee is all the rage these days. It’s incredibly easy to whip up a large pitcher of cold brew coffee to serve to guests. Just make sure to dilute it with the correct quantities of water when serving (or mix an entire pitcher with the diluted water for ease of serving).

RECIPE: Homemade Cold Brew Recipe

RECIPE: How to Make Iced Coffee


It’s likely that some guests aren’t into a cup of joe (how could they not be, right?). Here are some ideas for alternative beverages to have on hand:

– Decaf tea (like green tea or other herbal teas)

– Kombucha (there are lots of fun flavors at stores these days!)

– Sparkling water (again, lots of fun flavors)

RECIPE: Fruit Infused Water Recipe – This fruit-infused water looks impressive but is easy to put together


What’s a coffee break without some fantastic baked goods to pair with your beverages? A great thing about baked goods is that you can bake them the night before: none of them need to be served warm or right away.

Here are some tasty recipes we’d recommend for snacking on, with various diet options noted! Make sure to ask your guests in your invitation if they have any dietary restrictions, so that you know what options to provide! Or just provide a variety of options and mark them with a sign when serving.

RECIPE: Blueberry Scone Recipe – These scones might be the best scones you’ve had: flaky, buttery, tangy, and topped with turbinado sugar. As a vegan option, try our Vegan Blueberry Muffins.

RECIPE: Blueberry Cake – This blueberry cake is light and airy, scented with lemon and topped with a mound of blueberries. It’s gorgeous and perfect for entertaining.

RECIPE: Easy Zucchini Muffins – These zucchini muffins have just the right sweetness and have a healthy spin with Greek yogurt. As a gluten-free option, try Healthy Zucchini Muffins, which are also dairy free.

RECIPE: Healthy Banana Bread Muffins – These are fan-favorite muffins made using only oats and bananas, so they’re dairy free and gluten free too. (There’s a vegan option in the recipe as well.)

RECIPE: Best Zucchini Bread – This zucchini bread is the perfect sweetness, seriously moist and exactly what you want a zucchini bread to be. For vegan, try this Vegan Zucchini Bread.

RECIPE: No-Bowl Applesauce Cake – This cake is light and airy, It’s moist and scented with cinnamon, perfectly fluffy and even a little gooey.

RECIPE: Favorite Gluten Free Chocolate Cake – If you want to play up the cake theme…here’s a seriously tasty dark chocolate cake! It’s dairy free and gluten free too.


Now that you’ve picked out the beverages and baked goods: all you need to do is figure out how to serve them! Think about the way you’d like the guests to mingle: will it be mostly standing like a cocktail reception, or seated? Consider setting up a large circle of chairs, or chairs in groupings to facilitate conversation.

Of course, make sure to strategically place the serving table where you’ll stock the beverages and baked goods. People are sure to be returning there again and again!

And that’s it! We hope you enjoy your coffee break party: let the coffee and conversation begin!